New Synthwave Track Complete

For the past couple of years now, in my spare time, I have been working at producing synthwave music. The style first captured my imagination when I heard it on the game ‘Hotline Miami’, featuring work by Perturbator, M.O.O.N, Scattle and many more. I’m pleased to announce my 10th synthwave track since I began working on them. This piece is called ‘Electronic Inner-City Sumo’ (the name was inspired after seeing a video of Japanese sumo robots)    

Working on the soundtrack to an exciting new video game.

I am very happy to announce that since October 2015, I have been working on the soundtrack for an exciting new video game. The game is called ‘Field of Arms’ and is in development by Balandra Studios (follow the link to see their website). Here is a description of the game, taken from the studio’s website: Field of Arms is first/third person multiplayer action game set in the 18th century, aiming for historical accuracy by recreating battles that occurred during this period of time. Players will have to work as a team in […]

Been a while since my last post.

Hello, It’s been a long time since my last news update. I’ve been very busy finishing the final bits of work for my MA as well as taking on some exciting new projects. A while ago I took part in a large game jam, with developers and lots of other composers from around the world. This was all organised by the highly talented composer, Charlie McCarron. I produced a short piece of music to accompany a background for a platform/puzzle game. The game may be downloaded for free by clicking HERE. My piece was used […]

News on Monday’s Orchestral Recording

My new piece titled ‘Tonal Graffiti’ was recorded in an orchestral workshop on Monday. It was part of a 7 hour workshop which covered around 14 pieces by other composition students at the RWCMD. The day was incredibly well organised and resulted in a day of interesting listening. Led by the distinguished conductor and composer John Traill, the session ran very smoothly and John’s conducting and leadership was an inspiration to observe. The recording is currently in the mixing and editing process, but will be added to my listen library very soon. […]

New Orchestral Piece to be Recorded this Month

I am currently in the process of preparing the instrumental parts for my new piece for symphony orchestra (a painstaking task if ever there was one!). The piece will be recorded during a workshop later this month and will hopefully be uploaded to my listen page before the end of March. This is my second large scale work to be recorded in as many months, so to say that I feel fortunate would be an understatement!  

A Successful Concert

The RepCo Wind Orchestra concert was a resounding success. Featuring world premieres of pieces by Nic Mills, Jason Savory, Robert Singer and myself, as well as music be Vaughan Williams and Paul Hart, the RepCo Wind Orchestra delivered an exciting and engaging performance which bought all of the pieces to life and seemed to resonate well with the audience. There will be a recording added to the listen page of the website shortly, following the mixing process. For now, here is a picture from one of the rehearsals.    

New Piece

I am pleased to announce my new piece for wind orchestra is now complete. Rehearsals are beginning this month and will culminate in a performance on 17th February at 1.15pm at the Dora Stoutzker Concert Hall in Cardiff. This is a very exciting time for me as this piece will be by far the largest scale work I have had a performance of. There will hopefully be photos from the rehearsals as they occur and I will be keeping the website up to date with news of how they are […]

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