Working on the soundtrack to an exciting new video game.

I am very happy to announce that since October 2015, I have been working on the soundtrack for an exciting new video game. The game is called ‘Field of Arms’ and is in development by Balandra Studios (follow the link to see their website). Here is a description of the game, taken from the studio’s website:

Field of Arms is first/third person multiplayer action game set in the 18th century, aiming for historical accuracy by recreating battles that occurred during this period of time. Players will have to work as a team in order to either defend or attack forts during tense battles and sieges.

The music making process has been terrifically fun, as it allowed me to compose 18th century pastiche music, traditional marching music and some epic style orchestral music. The project is still ongoing, with more music yet to write, but for now, here is a little sample of how things are sounding.


I have included a screen shot from the pre-alpha build of the game. For more information on Field of Arms, please check out the developer website at Balandra Studios



More news to follow shortly…

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